Focus: Policy

Public Health House and CSCH Gun Policy Prevention Panel

On April 2, 2019 CSCH collaborated with the Public Health House Learning Community, the School of Nursing, and the Human Rights Institute to host an event entitled Gun Violence Prevention: A Public Health Imperative during National Public Health Week. The event included a panel discussion with experts addressing gun violence prevention from the lenses of […]

Steering Committee Member Profile: Michele Femc-Bagwell

Background Michele Femc-Bagwell is Associate Professor in Residence in the Department of Educational Leadership in the Neag School of Education at UConn. She is a former high school English teacher, middle school assistant principal, principal, and holds a Connecticut Superintendent’s certificate. In her 14-year career at UConn she has served as the director of the […]

The best of intentions: Prenatal breastfeeding intentions and infant health

Raissian, K. and Houston Su, J. (2018) Authors used the Infant Feeding Practices Study (IFPS) II (n = 1008) to examine mothers who intended to breastfeed but did not actually breastfeed. Results suggest that mothers who intended to breastfeed had infants with fewer infections compared to infants whose mothers did not intend to breastfeed, irrespective […]

A qualitative investigation into the U.S. Department of Agriculture 18‐item Household Food Security Survey Module: Variations in interpretation, understanding and report by gender

Foster, Schwartz, Grenier, Burke, Taylor, & Mobley. (2018) Pairs of low‐income and food‐insecure mothers and fathers of children participated in one‐on‐one interviews to answer questions from the USDA 18‐item Household Food Security Survey Module measure using the think‐aloud method. Findings suggest that gender is related to interpretation of key concepts relevant to food insecurity.

UConn Science Salon Featured Work of CSCH

The UConn Collaboratory on School and Child Health (CSCH) was excited to partner with co-sponsors UConn and the UConn Foundation to host the first Science Salon of the 2018 series. The event, “How Schools Succeed by Nurturing the Whole Child,” took place on the evening of Thursday, Nov. 9, at the Lyceum in Hartford, Conn. […]

Announcement of CSCH Grant Awardees

CSCH is pleased to announce and congratulate the two awardees of our FY2017 seed grant competition. These grants provide funds to investigators to support projects that align with the vision of CSCH to promote an integrated approach to health and learning through collaborations across the components within the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) […]