School and Child Health-Related Courses at UConn

College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources (CAHNR)      View Site »

Dept. of Allied Health (AH)

AH 5319 Health Education and Behavioral Interventions for At-Risk Populations
AH 5331 Nutrition for Healthy Communities
AH 5351 Contemporary Nutrition Issues and Research
AH 5360 Cross Cultural Health Care
AH 5366 Environmental Health
AH 5370 Applied Advanced Nutrition
AH 5501 International Health
AH 5502 Complex Humanitarian Emergencies Seminar
AH 5503 Poverty and Public Health
AH 5504 Nutrition During Human Emergencies
AH 5632 Vaccines: Mechanisms of Immune Protection
AH 6094 Health Promotion, Disease and Disability Prevention Research Seminar
AH 6181 Experiential Learning in Health Promotion Research
AH 6184 Graduate Seminar in Health Promotion Research
AH 6324 Critical Issues in Health Promotion
AH 6405 Exercise Intervention for Health Promotion in Persons with Chronic Disease & Disability
AH 6421 Design and Implementing Health Promotion Programs
AH 6423 Advanced Topics in Stress and Health Promotion

Dept. Of Kinesiology (KINS)

KINS 5507 Fundamentals of Exercise Prescription

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS)      View Site »

Dept. of Human Development and Family Sciences (HDFS)

HDFS 5020 Culture, Health and Human Development
HDFS 5031 Culture, Health and Human Development Project
HDFS 5101 Infant and Toddler Development
HDFS 5102 Early and Middle Childhood Development
HDFS 5103 Adolescent Development
HDFS 5110 Families, Communities, and Positive Behavior Supports
HDFS 5150 Human Attachment Across the Lifespan
HDFS 5215 Models and Concepts of Lifespan Development
HDFS 5312 Diverse Families: Adaptations Across the Lifespan
HDFS 5321 Parent-Child Relationships in Cross-Cultural Perspective
HDFS 5340 Prevention, Intervention, and Public Policy
HDFS 5342 Parent Education
HDFS 5442 Latina/o Health Disparities
HDFS 5550 Social Policy, Law, & Child Welfare

Dept. of Psychological Sciences (PSYC)

PSYC 5120 Health Psychology
PSYC 5123 Occupational Health Psychology
PSYC 5303 Developmental Psychopathology
PSYC 5410 Advanced Developmental Psychology
PSYC 5420 Cognitive Development
PSYC 5460 Social and Personality Development
PSYC 5617 Occupational Health and Safety

Dept. of Sociology (SOCI)

SOCI 5501 Racism
SOCI 5515 Sociology of Immigration
SOCI 5604 Sociology of Sexualities
SOCI 5614 Sexual Citizenship
SOCI 5651 Seminar in the Family
SOCI 5701 Urban Sociology

Dept. of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences (SLHS)

SLHS 5344 Pediatric Rehabilitative Audiology
SLHS 5348 Language Disorders I Birth to 5
SLHS 5349 Language Disorders II: K-12
SLHS 5353 Speech Sound Disorders in Children
SLHS 5373 Pediatric Audiology
SLHS 5376 Language Impairments and Literacy
SLHS 5378 Augmentative Alternative Communication
SLHS 6123 Bilingualism in Typical and Atypical Populations

Neag School of Education      View Site »

Dept. of Education Curriculum and Instruction (EDCI)

EDCI 5000 Teaching in the Affective Domain
EDCI 5814 Addressing Individual Needs and Talents in the Heterogeneous Classroom

Dept. of Educational Leadership (EDLR)

EDLR 5315 Sport in Society
EDLR 5518 Introduction to Sport Based Youth Development

Dept. of Educational Psychology (EPSY)

EPSY 5108 Students with Special Needs in the Classroom Environment
EPSY 5119 Policy, Law, and Ethics in Special Education
EPSY 5135 Creating and Sustaining a Positive School Climate
EPSY 5138 Responding to Violence in the Schools
EPSY 5140 Transition Planning for Students with Disabilities
EPSY 5141 Classroom and Behavior Management for Special Educators
EPSY 5142 Individualized Positive Behavior Support
EPSY 5170 Family Centered Practices in Early Childhood Intervention
EPSY 5171 Evaluation and Assessment of Infants and Young Children with Disabilities or Delayed Development
EPSY 5172 Intervention of Early Childhood Disabilities or Delayed Development and Their Families
EPSY 5173 Teaching and Collaborating of Infants and Young Children with Disabilities and their Families
EPSY 5304 Foundations and Contents of School Counseling
EPSY 5307 Professional Orientation of School Counseling
EPSY 5308 Counseling: Theory and Practice
EPSY 5318 Human Growth and Development over the Lifespan: Implications for Counselors
EPSY 5404 Pupil Behavior: Studies in Clinical Diagnosis
EPSY 5430 Child Psychopathology
EPSY 5440 Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Intervention in Schools
EPSY 5510 Learning: Implications for Education
EPSY 5671 School-Based Systems Interventions
EPSY 5720 Developing School-wide Enrichment Programs
EPSY 6302 Prevention and Intervention in Schools, Education, and the Community

School of Medicine      View Site »

Department of Public Health Sciences (PUBH)

PUBH 5201 Essentials of Social Inequality and Health Disparities
PUBH 5202 Eliminating Social Inequality and Health Disparities
PUBH 5455 Health Education
PUBH 5476 Community Mental Health
PUBH 5477 Food, Health and Politics
PUBH 5497 Child Health, Child Development and Public Policy
PUBH 5497 Environmental Impacts on Children’s Health
PUBH 5501 Foundations in Public Health and Disability
PUBH 5503 Disability Law, Policy, Ethics and Advocacy
PUBH 6492 Advanced Topics in Health Promotion, Disease and Disability Prevention

School of Nursing (NURS) View Site »

NURS 5430 Management of Childbearing Women and Children
NURS 5870 Health Policy and Populations-based Advocacy for the Scholarship of Application

School of Social Work View Site »

IGFP 5343 Clinical Conditions with Families
IGFP 5345 Clinical Conditions with Children and Adolescents
DSEL 5320 Direct Practice in Schools
HBEL 5381 Child Maltreatment: History, Theory, Prevention and Intervention