School and Child Health-Related Courses at UConn

College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources (CAHNR)       View Site »

Dept. of Allied Health (AH) and (DIET)

AH 1030 Interdisciplinary Approach to Obesity Prevention
AH 3030 Fundamentals of Brain, Behavior, and Health
AH 3101 Health and Wellness for Life
AH 3133 Cancer and Your Health
AH 3173 Psychology of Workplace Safety
AH 3175E Environmental Health
AH 3231 Program Planning for Health Promotion
AH 3234 Fitness for Health
AH 3303 Disability Law, Policy, Ethics, and Advocacy
AH 4092 EMT Training
AH 4242 Counseling and Teaching for the Health Professional
AH 4243 Current Issues in Health
AH 4501 International Health
AH 4503 Poverty and Public Health
DIET 3230 Community Nutrition

Dept. Of Kinesiology (KINS)

KINS 1100 Exercise and Wellness for Everyone
KINS 2227 Exercise Prescription
KINS 3212 Experiences in Athletic Training and Health Care
KINS 3522 Biomechanics of Injury and Sport
KINS 4500 Exercise Physiology

Dept of Nutritional Sciences (NUSC)

NUSC 1161 Husky Reads: Introducing Food and Nutrition to Children through Reading
NUSC 1165 Fundamentals of Nutrition
NUSC 2200 Nutrition and Human Development
NUSC 3230 Community Nutrition

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS)       View Site »

Dept. Of Human Development and Family Sciences (HDFS)

HDFS 2100 Human Development: Infancy Through Adolescence
HDFS 2300 Family Interaction Processes
HDFS 3095 Special Topics: Cultural Diversity in Child Development
HDFS 3102 Early and Middle Childhood Development
HDFS 3103 Adolescent Development
HDFS 3110 Social and Community Influence on Children in the United States
HDFS 3120 Introduction to Programs for Young Children
HDFS 3127 Professional Development and Advocacy in Early Childhood
HDFS 3141 Developmental Approaches to Intergroup Relations and Victimization
HDFS 3310 Parent-Child Relations in Cross-Cultural Perspective
HDFS 3311 Parenthood and Parenting
HDFS 3319 Risk and Resilience in Individuals and Families
HDFS 3340 Individual and Family Interventions
HDFS 3420 Abuse and Violence in Families
HDFS 3421 Low Income Families
HDFS 3425 Food and the American Family
HDFS 3430 The Family-School Partnership
HDFS 3520 Legal Aspects of Family Life
HDFS 3530 Public Policy & the Family
HDFS 3540 Child Welfare, Law and Social Policy

Dept. of Psychological Sciences (PSYC)

PSYC 2400 Developmental Psychology
PSYC 2600 Industrial-Organizational Psychology
PSYC 3105 Health Psychology
PSYC 3300 Abnormal Child Psychology

Urban and Community Studies Major (URBN)

URBN 4000 Understanding Your Community

Dept. of Sociology (SOCI)

SOCI 1251 Social Problems
SOCI 3451 Sociology of Health
SOCI 3471 Sociology of Education
SOCI 3651 Sociology of the Family

Dept. of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences (SLHS)

SLHS 1150 Introduction to Communication Disorders
SLHS 2204 Speech & Language Acquisition
SLHS 4123 Bilingualism in Typical and Atypical Populations: Language and Cognition
SLHS 4254 Introduction to Language Disorders in Children
SLHS 4376 Language Impairments and Literacy

Neag School of Education       View Site »

Dept. of Educational Leadership (EDLR)

EDLR 1161 Husky Reads: Introducing Food and Nutrition to Children through Reading
EDLR 1162 Health and Education in Urban Communities
EDLR 3300 Sport in Society
EDLR 3547 Intro to Sport Based Youth Development

Dept. of Educational Psychology (EPSY)

EPSY 1100 Introduction to Special Education
EPSY 1450W Mind, Body, Health
EPSY 2450 Whole Child, School and Community: Linking Health and Education
EPSY 3010 Educational Psychology

Integrated Bachelor’s/Master’s (IB/M) in Teacher Education

EGEN 3110 Seminar/Clinic: The Student in the School Context
EGEN 3120 Teaching and Learning in School Contexts

School of Medicine View Site »

Department of Public Health Sciences (PUBH)

PUBH 1001 Introduction to Public Health

School of Nursing (NURS)       View Site »

NURS 1130 Health Care Delivery System
NURS 3130 Public Health Nursing
NURS 3444 Theory and Nursing Practice for Child Health
NURS 4434 Child Health
NURS 4544 Theory and Nursing Practice for Community Health