Our Mission

The mission of the Collaboratory on School and Child Health (CSCH) is to facilitate innovative and impactful connections across research, policy, and practice arenas to advance equity in school and child health. CSCH is committed to anti-racist work that prioritizes inclusion, reduces disparities, and creates systemic change.

Statement on Anti-Racism, Inclusion, and Equity

CSCH embraces social responsiveness in the promotion of anti-racism, inclusion, and equity across child-serving systems.

Social responsiveness is our obligation to strengthen the quality of life and environment for everyone. It encompasses social justice, advocacy, inclusion, and community engagement – and acknowledges the interdependence of professional values, institutional structures, and personal biases.1

We commit to:

  • Recognizing and acknowledging how our work contributes to, maintains, or actively dismantles racist or inequitable practices, policies, and procedures.
  • Exploring our biases, beliefs, and intersectionalities to address racism and inequities.
  • Centering the lived experiences and contributions of marginalized individuals and groups.
  • Developing knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to engage in cultural humility.
  • Advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion within our collective systems.

1. Council of Chairs of Training Councils (2021). CCTC 2020: Social Responsiveness in Health Service Psychology Education and Training Toolkit. https://www.cctcpsychology.org

    GOAL 1

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    CSCH will provide an interdisciplinary nexus for investigators to stimulate cross-disciplinary collaborations and new research initiatives in school and child health.

    GOAL 2

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    CSCH will undertake research to create new scientific knowledge, theoretical frameworks, and methodological advances in school and child health topics.

    GOAL 3

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    CSCH will foster a team science approach among collaborators to scientifically address complex and multi-faceted issues in advancing healthy, safe, supportive, and engaging environments for all children.

    GOAL 4

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    CSCH will disseminate evidence in actionable ways for community partners and local, state, national, and international organizations engaged in school and child health efforts.

    GOAL 5

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    CSCH will take a leadership role in exploring, evaluating, and advancing policy to improve school and child health.

    GOAL 6

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    CSCH researchers will educate and mentor students, postdoctoral scholars, researchers, faculty, community members, and others in the science of school and child health policy, process, and practice.

    How We Work

    CSCH serves as a central resource to University and external partners engaged in efforts that inform healthy, safe, supportive, and engaging environments for all children. The Collaboratory strives to create a positive environment that supports communication, knowledge sharing, and collaborative work among a diverse network of members in pursuit of this shared aim. Our collaborations intentionally use an inclusive, team- and relationship-based approach to broaden capacity for interconnected and cross-disciplinary projects that tackle the most pressing and complex issues in school and child health.