Public Health House and CSCH Gun Policy Prevention Panel

On April 2, 2019 CSCH collaborated with the Public Health House Learning Community, the School of Nursing, and the Human Rights Institute to host an event entitled Gun Violence Prevention: A Public Health Imperative during National Public Health Week. The event included a panel discussion with experts addressing gun violence prevention from the lenses of health, communities, and the law. Panelists included Greg Jones, Vice President for Community Engagement and Development, Hartford Healthcare; Jillian Gilchrest, Connecticut State Representative for the 18th District; and Mary Bernstein, UConn Professor of Sociology. Topics ranged from the current status of gun violence in the United States to gun violence prevention strategies. After the panel presentations, over one hundred students, staff and faculty engaged in a question and answer session. “We are rightly horrified by mass shootings but rarely think about the daily gun violence impacting people every day,” said Rep. Gilchrest. “It’s time to pay attention.”