Meet our CSCH Student Research Team

We have a strong student research team this year! We asked our student team members to share bit about themselves, their interests, and what drew them to CSCH:

Senior Breanna McFarlane

Human Development and Family Sciences and Urban and Community Studies (Diversity Studies in American Culture, Social Justice Organizing) Double Majors
I decided to study my majors because I found the courses to be interesting and very relatable and applicable to my everyday life. I was interested in having the opportunity to not only learn the theory behind the development and interconnection of individuals, relationships, and cities but also apply the lessons through classroom and real-world experiences. I first heard about CSCH through a conversation with Dr. Chafouleas when I first approached her about working under her as an undergraduate researcher. I really became interested in working for CSCH because of their development and application of the WellSAT WSCC as a basis to evaluate health and support services in schools and share information about how to improve policy and practice in that area. I am currently doing qualitative analysis on a study about teachers’ evaluation of student behavior in a mock classroom.

Fun Fact
I do string art and play the ukulele.


Senior Faiza Hussain

English Major, Psychology Minor
I decided to pursue English because I love writing and I can bring my imagination to reality as an English major. I heard about CSCH through JobX and I decided to apply here because I was really excited about learning more about children’s mental health, the schooling system in America and what ways it can be better. So far, I am working on translating documents into Urdu and re-creating website designs through Canva.

Fun Fact
I love watching horror movies at night and then not being able to sleep for a week.


Senior Angel Ojide

Nursing Major
My nursing journey started senior year of high school after enrolling in a year long ECE EMT
course that exposed me to the realm of healthcare. My journey in working with the CSCH began out of academic curiosity. The world of qualitative research and analysis had sparked my interest as an honors student. When the CSCH released job applications looking for students with a healthcare background, I believed I would be a great addition. Since August of 2020, I’ve had the opportunity to engage in experiences that have contributed to my growth and intellect as current and future researcher. I’m currently interviewing and writing profiles on fellow student researchers and CSCH affiliates. I am also working towards completing a brief of my own.

Fun Fact
I love the opportunity of interpersonal interactions and experiencing new people and new cultures. Due to this, I would like to travel across the world someday.


Graduate Student Hannah Perry

3rd-Year School Psychology Ph.D. Student
I have two siblings with developmental disabilities. Seeing the challenges and successes of my two siblings with developmental disabilities inspired me to become a psychologist and work with children. I ultimately obtained my B.A. in Psychology and Justice Studies from the University of New Hampshire in 2017. Before coming to UConn, I spent two years working as a school-based Behavioral Health Professional (BHP) near my hometown in Maine. My work as a BHP solidified my ultimate decision to pursue school psychology. My professional interests center around ecological and interdisciplinary approaches to school-based service delivery, especially to foster family-school-community collaboration. I am also interested in integrating trauma- and behavior-informed practices within school-wide systems of support to promote student well-being.

My first project as a member of the CSCH team came during the fall semester of my first year in the program. I was able to provide research assistance for then-Ph.D. candidate Emily Iovino in completing her dissertation study on the effects of a group intervention on the self-care practices of family caregivers of children with developmental disabilities. I later had the incredible opportunity to conduct interviews with caregivers across the country for CSCH’s Caregiver Study, which allowed us to explore the impact of COVID-19 on caregivers of children with and without developmental disabilities. I am currently working with the Project ENHANCE team, which focuses on developing and improving professional development modules around the implementation of a comprehensive, integrated, three-tiered (Ci3T) academic/social/behavioral prevention framework.

Fun Fact
I love to go ATVing! I recently took an ATV up Mt. Washington in New Hampshire – if you love nature as much as I do, I highly recommend making the trip!


Sophomore Jannell Brown

Allied Health Science Major
Originally back in high school my plan was to major in Biology, but I went to an informational session at UConn about different majors. One of the speakers talked about how she changed her major to Allied Health and the many options she had directly in the healthcare field. I have always had an interest in helping and taking care of children. Then I took an Early Childhood course during high school and I really enjoyed it which guided me to work with CSCH at UConn. I felt the need to apply to work with CSCH because of my career goal of becoming a PA or Trauma ER Physician. It is valuable to know how to keep a child comfortable and relaxed while still attending to their needs at hand. At the moment I am working with Dr. Chafouleas on going through old files. I am also working with Emily in the Ballard Museum making puppets and casting events to help children over different schools with their mental health and emotions.

Fun Fact
As a child I grew an interest in music and played the violin, piano, and clarinet. Nowadays I still play my violin and piano. I currently have my piano keyboard set up in my dorm room.