COVID-19 Resources: a Trauma-informed, Whole Child Response

CSCH recently released two reports about schools’ trauma-informed response to COVID-19. The first, Responding to COVID-19: Planning for Trauma-Informed Assessment in Schools outlines how schools should plan for a trauma-informed response to COVID-19 and what questions to ask while planning for potential assessment.

The second, Responding to COVID-19: Simple Strategies Anyone Can Use to Foster an Emotionally Safe School Environment, was written in partnership with colleagues from EASTCONN and CHDI summarizes easy-to-use and low-cost strategies that can be integrated within existing school initiatives and can be adapted to fit different contexts. The report provides examples of what each simple strategy could look like across adult and student populations and provides links to freely accessible resources.

In addition to the two reports, our CSCH Brief, Engaging a Whole School Approach in Re-opening Schools, highlights the critical importance of a comprehensive whole school approach to student success and overall well-being.

CSCH has also published a crosswalk, Back to School Resources: Aligning Re-Opening Guidance With the WSCC Model, that is meant to help determine which reopening resources may be best matched to school needs in different communities and over time

Two additional CSCH Briefs, Initial Impact of COVID-19 on the Well-being of Caregivers of Children with and without Disabilities and Caregiver Voices: The Initial Impact of COVID-19 on Caregivers of Children with and without Disabilities highlight findings from an April 2020 survey and follow-up interviews.