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The mission of the Collaboratory on School and Child Health (CSCH) is to facilitate innovative and impactful connections across research, policy, and practice arenas relevant to school and child health. CSCH serves as a central resource to university and external partners engaged in efforts that inform healthy, safe, supportive, and engaging environments for all children.

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Announcement of CSCH Grant Awardees

CSCH is pleased to announce and congratulate the two awardees of our FY2017 seed grant competition. These grants provide funds to investigators to support projects that align with the vision of CSCH to promote an integrated approach to health and learning through collaborations across the components within the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) model. They are intended for projects that can lead to innovative external grant applications. Eligible applicants are InCHIP members, with CSCH affiliation. Drs. Amy Mobley and Marlene Schwartz are the recipients of the $10,000 grants.

Dr. Amy Mobley, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Nutritional Sciences, and her co-investigators are studying the impact of local foods on elementary school students’ nutrition behaviors.

Dr. Marlene Schwartz is Director of the UConn Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity and Professor in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies. She will be creating a WSCC Policy Assessment Tool that captures and scores all of the school policies relevant to the WSCC model similar to the existing WellSAT tool.

We wish to thank all of the applicants for their excellent proposals and the review committee members for their substantial contributions to the seed grant competitions.

Education, Community and Behavioral Health Leaders Attend
Statewide Symposium on Childhood Trauma, Mental Health

On May 24, 2017, CSCH co-sponsored and hosted “Symposium on Trauma-Informed School Mental Health.” Approximately 100 school, mental health, and community leaders from across the state gathered at the University of Connecticut campus in Storrs to discuss childhood trauma and the impact it can have on a child’s education, as well as possible strategies for responding to children who have experienced trauma or have behavioral health issues.

The event was the result of collaboration between the University of Connecticut Collaboratory on School and Child Health and the Neag School of Education, the Capitol Region Education Council, the CT State Department of Education, the Ana Grace Project, Clifford Beers Clinic, and the Child Health Development Institute. The symposium’s main goals were to increase awareness among participants of important issues in childhood trauma, discuss creation of a common framework for addressing trauma, violence and mental health needs among children, and to stimulate the development of a trauma-informed school mental health plan.

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