Multimedia Presentations

Using a Team Science Approach to Advance Pain Research

CSCH Steering Committee member Lisa Sanetti interviews CSCH affiliates Xiaomei Cong and Angela Starkweather about their work in the UConn Center for Advancement in Managing Pain.

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The Importance of School-Home Intersections: Language, Culture, and Health in the Florida Heartland

CSCH Live Talk by Rebecca Campbell-Montalvo, PhD – October 2017

The Essential Elements of Adolescent-Friendly Care in School-Based Health Centers

Presentation at the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners 39th National Conference on Pediatric Health Care (Chicago, IL) by Moriarty Daley, A., Polifroni, E.C., & Sadler, L. – March 2018


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It Takes Two

CSCH Steering Committee member Ruth Lucas, PhD, discusses how breastfeeding takes effort on the part of both the baby and the mother

Teacher Wellbeing: Secure Your Own Oxygen Mask First Before Attending to Others

CSCH Live Talk by Lisa Sanetti, PhD – October 2017

The Boy Who Learned How to Play

CSCH Live Talk by Jaci VanHeest, PhD – October 2017

Introduction to the UConn Collaboratory on School and Child Health

The Collaboratory on School and Child Health

Presentation at the New England School Nurse Conference by Polifroni & Chafouleas – April 2016


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