Multimedia Presentations

The Importance of School-Home Intersections: Language, Culture, and Health in the Florida Heartland

CSCH Live Talk by Rebecca Campbell-Montalvo, PhD – October 2017

The Essential Elements of Adolescent-Friendly Care in School-Based Health Centers

Presentation at the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners 39th National Conference on Pediatric Health Care (Chicago, IL) by Moriarty Daley, A., Polifroni, E.C., & Sadler, L. – March 2018


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It Takes Two

CSCH Steering Committee member Ruth Lucas, PhD, discusses how breastfeeding takes effort on the part of both the baby and the mother

Teacher Wellbeing: Secure Your Own Oxygen Mask First Before Attending to Others

CSCH Live Talk by Lisa Sanetti, PhD – October 2017

The Boy Who Learned How to Play

CSCH Live Talk by Jaci VanHeest, PhD – October 2017

Introduction to the UConn Collaboratory on School and Child Health

The Collaboratory on School and Child Health

Presentation at the New England School Nurse Conference by Polifroni & Chafouleas – April 2016


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